We can offer a free consultation service from the outset of your project to discuss your needs and requirements in order to obtain both the desired, most suitable and outstanding finish. When you discuss your polishing requirements with us, we will need to consider the metals used in your items; this allows us to select the most effective polishing technique. We are happy to provide a sample piece of material to meet the desired finish.

We offer finishes for a range of metals including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, and precious metals. Any size project can be undertaken whether a large bespoke item or sculpture or small batches of components.

Every piece of work received is subject to a goods inward inspection and is constantly monitored at every stage of its polishing process. We have our own sophisticated testing equipment allowing each process to be monitored and approved to the relevant specifications. Upon completion work will go through rigorous inspection processes, and will be cleaned and carefully wrapped prior to leaving our premises to meet customer satisfaction.

We also work closely with our Pharmaceutical clients with detailed work planning
Risk Assessments, Polishing to specified Ra requirements and stringent test processes.


BMA Toning – (Bronze Metal Antique Finishing) -Applied to a bronze or brass surface to achieve a dark aged Antique bronze effect.

Super Mirror Finish – A superior lustre reflective mirror finish (suitable for direct gold plating or art work)

Mirror Finish – A highly reflective finish with no defects

Bright Finish – A bright reflective finish

Bright Buff – To give a well finished look

Satin Finish – A fine satin finish with an attractive lustre and smooth texture (from 60 grit to 400 grit finish)

NDL (Non Directional Finish)

If you require a unique finish that is not listed we will be happy to discuss your requirements