We as specialists at polishing pharmaceutical mixing shafts / mixing orgars and medication mixing vessels , all internal and external welds can be dressed to a smooth crevice free finish and the surfaces can be polished to which ever surface finish you request .

We are able to test the finish surface with ra readers and supply a certificate of conformity if requested .

We are equipped to polish body implants such as hip and knee replacements to a super imperfection free mirror finish , suitable to be used in both the private sector and the national health service .

All medical equipment and utensils ranging from scalpels / scissors and kidney dishes right up to large frames and stands can be polished to a very hygienic and easy to maintain mirror finish .


BMA Toning – (Bronze Metal Antique Finishing) -Applied to a bronze or brass surface to achieve a dark aged Antique bronze effect.

Super Mirror Finish – A superior lustre reflective mirror finish (suitable for direct gold plating or art work)

Mirror Finish – A highly reflective finish with no defects

Bright Finish – A bright reflective finish

Bright Buff – To give a well finished look

Satin Finish – A fine satin finish with an attractive lustre and smooth texture (from 60 grit to 400 grit finish)

NDL (Non Directional Finish)

If you require a unique finish that is not listed we will be happy to discuss your requirements